The Road to Resurrection

Quadzilla Born Again

Apr. 01, 2000 By Patrick J Chicas
Sport Quads are coming back in a BIG WAY! Honda has introduced the 400EX with huge success. Bombardier is about to release a Modern Quadzilla. Even Husaberg is in the frey with a competition quad.

Rumors of Yamaha and Kawasaki with the same, abound! No doubt, this is what we all wanted to see. The days of utility models by the dozen and status-quo for a miniscule offering of sport quads seems to be over!

Of course, a "price tag" comes with all this new iron, aka "Easy Monthly Payments" to most of us in this world. Sticker shock and a hit on the "fun fund" can be a drag. So what to do? 

Well, IMHO, nothing beats good low-end torque and horsepower coupled to a solid chassis and suspension. Only the Suzuki LT500 fits that bill. Box stock the 500 will pelt Banshee's with various debris, at will.

The stock suspension geometry is excellent, needing no modification to run well in the desert or the dunes. Best of all, a clean, well running 500 can be purchased for $2,000-$3,000. Or, if you are technical and have the time, you can take the route we did and purchase a stalled project, better known as a "basket case".

We got ours from the "King of Squids". You see, this guy was a friend of a Dean Waters, the "#1, dude". Dean turned me onto this deal and I dispatched Norm Lenhart in the Official Corporate Truck (OORCT) on a roadtrip from 'Vegas to San Fran, California to retrieve the dead 'Zilla. Norm drives like a madman, "non-stop, point'em and pull the trigger".

He arrived back in LV at the "not so world famous, Rancho de PJC" within 48hrs. Upon arrival, whilst rubbing the Kalifornia road fatigue from his eyes, he muttered "he told me it had no oil".. What! Expound scholarly one! What are you getting at?

The squid that sold you the quad said there was no oil in the motor. I put it on the floor behind the driver seat and guess what? It *had* gear oil in it and now it's all over your carpet! Oh Sh*T! That smell never comes out!

Don't feel bad! My "one of a kind" sweatshirt I got from the PPI guys while chasing Ivan with them at the Baja 1000 is ruined too. Oh and, also there are a few peices missing! Also...??? Is that it? No stop, stop!

Well, what a way to start a project. If, I am still pissed off at this guy at the end of the build-up, I reveal his name so that the on-line, off-road motosports world can avoid him like a plague of fervorous Sierra Clubbers at an AlGore fundraiser.

Okay, onward! We, invite you to follow along as we bring this monster back to life, to soon challenge and quickly humiliate the best of the new bread. Our final goal will produce a monster that is a blast to ride on the trail and the dunes day or night. The end game will present a "keeper" all, bought and paid for at well under the price of a new ride.

Next Month We'll inventory all parts and with the help of Mr. Dune, our resident, Quadzilla Expert.  We will tell you exactly what, how and why as we ascertain which parts are slated for replacement, rebuild or a quick service job. Other parts will be tallied for the chrome works and the polishing shop. Stay Tuned! Newsletter
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