LT-R450 Tech: UM Racing Pro Peg install and HEP rear number plate bracket

Project Suzuki LTR-450 Quadracer

Apr. 01, 2007 By Dean Waters

If you plan on racing your Suzuki LTR there are two things that most every user will need to add. Number one is nerf bars. Most promoters will require nerf's before letting you on the track to race. There are a few off-road and desert series that do not but most events do require them. Number two is a rear number plate. The same goes here in that most event promoters will require a rear number plate on your LTR. And given the new center exit exhaust pipe this is a little more difficult than just zip tying a number plate to your rear grab bar.

Nerf Bars

For nerf bars we turned to UM Racing. UM has recently released a complete line of Suzuki LT-R450 parts including new pro-peg nerf bars. You can get all of the parts either powder coated black or ball burnished aluminum. So while ordering our new pro-pegs in black we decided to also add a UM Pro SX front bumper and a UM V2 rear grab bar.

Rear Number Plate

With the new center exit rear exhaust on the Suzuki LT-R450 number plate mounting is a tad more difficult. You can't just take a normal plate drill a couple holes and zip tie it in place.(Trust us. We tried that.) For a rear number plate we turned to HEP Products. We use HEP rear fender brackets on our YFZ and know their products are very nicely done. The HEP rear number plate is made from .125" aluminum and is cut-out using water jet technology. They come in a number of different color combinations.


First up was the front bumper. This is a simple 4 bolt installation.

Stock LT-R450 bumper UM Pro SX bumper in black

Next is installation of the UM Performance Products Pro-Peg nerf bars for the LT-R450.

First you need to remove the stock foot pegs and heel guards. Our LT-R450 with stock pegs removed.

Now bolt up the new UM Pro-Peg. In the front the pegs bolt where the stock fender braces go. In the rear they are bolted where the stock pegs were. Mount both sides before drilling the peg.

Last but not least is installation of the UM rear grab bar and the HEP Products Suzuki LT-R450 rear number plate bracket.

Last is to mount the new rear fender brackets. Our LT-R450 with new UM Pro pegs. Now we can keep stray tires out and away from out boots.

Next was installing the HEP Products rear number plate bracket. We ordered the yellow powder coated bracket with white plate. There is a number of different color combinations available.

If your using the stock grab bar simply remove your tail light and bolt up the HEP number plate bracket. The UM grab bar comes with rear fender brackets. We had to GRIND ours where the green marks are before they would bolt in place.

Since the HEP bracket is made for the stock grab bar we had to cut the top of the bracket off about 1/4" to work with the UM grab bar. The finished product looks very nice!


Race Tested

We have race tested the UM and HEP products and have discovered no problems. Both are holding up very well with the exception of some of the black powder coat in a few spots. We are very happy with the grip from wide foot pegs. For $34.95 the HEP number plate and bracket sure beats the heck out of zip ties.

Next month we will report on our rebuilt shocks courtesy of iShock.


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