Fenders and Hand Guards for Project Kicker Honda TRX450R

Time for the finishing touches.

Dec. 27, 2006 By Brandon Brown, Quad75
Time for the finishing touches. We’ve got an engine that rips and suspension that can get it to the ground. So it’s about time to start getting the “bling” end of things taken care of.

I called my friends at FullBore Innovations and asked if they had a flavor of the month they wanted to show off. The reply I got was, “Oh yeah! You have to check out this new orange we are going to be coming out with.” So it was on. The new orange is much brighter than their previous burnt orange (which is a killer color as well). It has some fine metallic to it, so goes off in sunlight. This color is quite the eye-catcher, a far cry from the more stealthy silver that is usually found on my quads - but for this project it is perfect.

One of my favorite aspects of the fender set for the TRX is that the front end is one piece, nose and fenders. Then the shrouds are separate as they should be. Why is this so great? Well, I like it because it’s more functional than the stock plastic. Once you have your mounts adjusted and secured, it only takes seconds to get the front end off. And the shrouds are down and out of the way, so you never have to mess with them unless you are taking the radiator out or something like that.

For the racer or trail rider that isn’t going to be night riding, they have an especially sharp-looking cover for the front, which they refer to as a hood skin. Once this piece is mounted with the supplied fasteners it is on for the duration. So it comes off and on with the front clip and gives the machine a racier look.

Next I called the folks over at PowerMadd. They have a wide selection of hand guards styles with an equally wide selection of colors. I decided on the Star Series, and although the orange ones did not have the metallic like the fenders have, they were still a very nice match so we went with them.

These hand guards are very functional. They have a removable snap-out panel so you can run them solid or vented and have an option for an extension for the muddy days too. Another option is the hand wrap brackets; these add strength and lever protection as well as some added hand protection against any branches that may be hanging in to the trail. Each item comes with its own mounting hard ware. There is enough hardware to mount them in virtually any configuration you may need, depending on what and where you have mounted on your bars.

Please check out the links below to the contributors of this project;

Fullbore http://fullboreinnovations.com/
Power Madd http://www.powermadd.com/index.html

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