Oregon Dune Survival Guide - Sound Restriction

Jun. 01, 2004 By ORC STAFF
Noise is a major issue in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The riding area on the west is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, on the east US 101. Between the highway and the sand and on the other side of the highway are homes and communities. The residents want to be able to sleep undisturbed each night. It only takes one machine over the legal limit to give all users a bad name and increase the pressure the Forest Service receives from the residents to close more sand to motorized recreation or access of any kind. You can request a sound test before riding. Call ahead to schedule an appointment with the Oregon Dunes Sound Crew.

The Sound Test

As defined by state and federal law, vehicle sound is to be measured by a decibel meter 20 inches and 45 degrees from the exhaust outlet. ATVs and motorcycles are tested at 50% of the manufacturer's RPM recommendation. Class II vehicles are tested at 75% of the engine's maximum RPM.

What Works

Stock is always best! We recommend that you operate with your vehicle's stock pipe and muffler, and maintain it in good working condition. Regardless of what you purchase for your ATV, you are still responsible for ensuring that it meets the requirements of the law.
Not all mufflers will work the same on all OHV's. Since results vary with modifications, along with vehicle care and maintenance, we cannot guarantee that these mufflers will work on your particular ATV.
Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Sound Limit: 93 dB Sand Lake Sound Limit: 97 dB

If you have an aftermarket pipe, you probably exceed these limits and risk a hefty ticket.

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