KAWASAKI 2003 Mule Lineup

Oct. 01, 2005 By Press Release
Mule 3010 Diesel
Mule 3010 in Realtree Camo
Mule 520
Mule 550
Mule 3000
Mule 3010 4WD
Nearly 15 years ago, product planners at Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., determined that American ranchers, farmers and construction workers needed a small, rugged, lightweight, off-highway vehicle that could handle a variety of work applications. So they drew some sketches of a concept vehicle that featured all-terrain tires, independent suspension, a bench seat and a tilting cargo box. They also gave their concept vehicle an automatic transmission and automotive-type controls so it would be easy to operate. Then they sent their idea to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., in Japan.

Kawasaki gave their creative engineers permission to develop this new vehicle, and soon the Multi-Use Lightweight Equipment vehicle (MULE™) was rolling off the assembly line in Lincoln, Neb., onto dealer showroom floors and ultimately onto farms, ranches and work sites across the United States.

Today, the MULE utility vehicle lineup consists of six different models and it is the brand by which all other off-highway utility vehicles are judged. Not only is it the industry standard, but the Kawasaki MULE has also become popular in circles outside the agricultural and construction industries.

While a rancher will use the MULE utility vehicle to check fence lines and haul feed to livestock, an equestrian will use the MULE to haul saddles and other gear to the stable. The homeowner who has a large estate will use the MULE to handle chores around the property, and friends who hunt together can haul their treestands or decoys to a favorite hunting blind. The uses for the MULE are nearly limitless.

Law enforcement agencies, rural fire departments and search-and-rescue teams are also purchasing MULE utility vehicles to assist in reaching remote areas and to better serve the public. Whether patrolling the beaches of Santa Barbara or locating an injured horseback rider in the hills of Carmel Valley, California, the MULE gives public agencies the ability to transport personnel and equipment to locations otherwise inaccessible to full-sized vehicles.

The MULE utility vehicle's versatility stems from its thorough design. While other brands may utilize parts-bin engineering to design and assemble their utility vehicles, Kawasaki engineers design each model of the MULE as a unique, integrated unit. It is purpose-built, with special emphasis placed on reliability, durability, operator comfort and customization.

Every MULE utility vehicle utilizes an industrial engine that is designed for long hours of operation. An automatic transmission that features forward, neutral and reverse modes transfers power from the engine to a dual-mode rear differential. The dual-mode differential minimizes disturbance to sensitive terrain; when making tight turns, the inside wheel will turn slower, but when additional traction is needed for loose terrain, the differential can be "locked" so that both rear wheels turn at the same speed. The MULE 3010 and the all-new MULE 3010 Diesel also give the operator the ability to select four-wheel drive for maximum traction for difficult conditions such as mud or sand.

In addition to an industrial-grade powertrain, each MULE utility vehicle has a bench seat and four-wheel suspension for rider comfort. It also has four-wheel brakes to provide maximum stopping power. Plus, every MULE has a tilting cargo bed that makes it easier to unload loose cargo.

Kawasaki offers an expansive line of accessories through its dealer network, including trailers, trailer hitches, bedliners, windshields, cab covers, winches and snowplows. Camouflage body coverings and gun boots are also available, and accessories can be purchased online at www.BuyKawasaki.com.

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., markets and sells at wholesale JET SKI® watercraft, ATVs, MULE™ utility vehicles, portable generators, power products, and motorcycles. The product lines are sold at retail by a network of independent dealers. The company employees more than 600 people in the United States, with nearly 400 of them located at its Irvine, Calif., headquarters.

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