2015 Polaris RZR, Ranger, Sportsman Lineups Revealed

Jul. 28, 2014 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Polaris
Polaris just introduced its new ATV and UTV vehicles for the 2015 model year, with new and updated models found in the RZR, Ranger and Sportsman lines. Although the more powerful RZR XP 1000 was previously announced a few weeks ago, there’s still plenty of exciting news for Polaris’ other offerings in 2015.

Polaris RZR Lineup
Polaris announced an increase in horsepower for the 2015 RZR XP 1000 and RZR XP 4 1000 earlier in July – a 9 percent increase to 100 horsepower – but that’s not the only news with the RZR family for for 2015.

The new 2015 RZR 900 will offers 40 percent more horsepower and 15 percent more torque than the RZR 800.

Polaris has introduced a new model to compete in the side-by-side market with its new 2015 RZR 900 ($12,799), which will be powered by a 75-horsepower ProStart 900 engine that Polaris says will offer 40 percent more horsepower and 15 percent more torque than the previous RZR 800 models it replaces. The RZR 900 also features dual A-arm front and rear suspension to provide 11 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of suspension travel both front and rear. The 900 will also offer a larger 9.6-gallon fuel tank, LED floor lighting, blue back-lighted instrument cluster. More storage will also be offered on the 900, including a center storage area and bigger glove box. Polaris will also offer an RZR 900 EPS Trail Edition as well, which will carry an MSRP of $14,799.

Polaris will also offer the new RZR S 900 ($14,699, $16,499 EPS) for 2015. Although fitted with the same 75 hp ProStar 900 engine, the dual A-arm front and rear suspension on the S 900 will increase suspension travel to 12.25 inches in the front and 13.2 inches in the rear. Along with all of the RZR 900 features, the RZR S 900 will also be fitted with eight-ply, 27-inch GBC Dirt Commander tires.

Increased suspension travel and ground clearance are some of the main selling points of the new RZR S 900.

Polaris will also offer a mud-focused RZR for 2015 in the RZR XP 1000 High Lifter Edition ($23,499). Polaris made the High Lifter model more mud-savvy by reducing its gearing for added torque and outfitted it with a heavy-duty reverse chain. To make sure the motor gets plenty of air in the muddy conditions, the High Lifter model will feature high engine air and clutch intakes and outlet. The mud-focused RZR will also include redesigned front axles, stiffer suspension springs, higher-clearance lower A-arms and radius rods, mud-specific Walker Evans shocks, 29.5-inch High Lifter Outlaw II tires and standard EPS.

The High Lifter RZR also features lower half doors, a 4,500-pound winch with synthetic rope and integrated in-dash switches, rear-view mirror and a specially designed brushguard that provides higher access to the included winch. For added mud protection, it features a skid plate designed for improved drainage, a custom powder-coated chassis, and sealed switches, fuse box and battery.

2015 RZR XP 1000 HLE Photo

Polaris is offering another new model for RZR buyers focused on desert riding in the new 2015 RZR XP 1000 Desert Edition. The Desert Edition will feature high-clearance A-arms and radius rods, with 18 inches of rear suspension travel and 16 inches in the front and 13 inches of ground clearance. The new model will also feature 15-inch beadlock wheels with 30-inch GBC Mongrel tires.

Polaris also outfitted the new desert model with a skid plate, spare tire and mount and body protection. The Desert Edition also features six-point seatbelts, a roof, PRP seats, a cargo box for storage and LED light bar for added visibility.

2015 RZR XP 1000 Desert Edition

Other updates to the RZR lineup include new Interactive Digital Display on the RZR XP 1000 Desert Edition and RZR 900 XC Edition. The full-color, 4.3-inch LCD display provides info on performance, operating conditions, riding conditions and Bluetooth capabilities. The GPS included connectivity offers exact location information including elevation, latitude and longitude, compass and the ability to record the driver’s route and save waypoints to find trails in the future, which can updated through RiderX.com to ensure up-to-date information. The new Interactive Digital Display will be available as an accessory for other models.

2015 Ranger 570

Polaris Ranger Lineup
Polaris enters 2015 with a number of changes to its Ranger lineup, which it says 75 percent of gets performance upgrades and new styling cues.

The two-passenger Ranger 570 ($9,799) returns for its second year. In 2014 it was powered by a 40-horsepower, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder ProStar 570 EFI engine; for 2015 the Ranger 570 now offers 44 horsepower and 20 percent more towing capacity at 1,500 lbs. Polaris says the two-passenger bench seat has been improved for increased comfort, and the vehicle now features a full 10 inches of tilt steering adjustment.

The base Ranger 570 gets upgrade storage for 2015, offering in-dash and behind-seat storage, a larger glove box and more convenient cup holders. The Bronze Mist painted model with EPS ($11,499) will also feature 6.9 gallons of under-seat storage.

The two-seat Rangers will be available with three power options: Ranger 570, Ranger EV ($11,299) and the new Ranger ETX ($8,699). The Ranger ETX features an electronic fuel injected (EFI) ProStar engine that produces 31 horsepower, and it will be available in Sage Green and White Lightning. The Ranger 570 and Ranger Crew 570 ($10,799) will be offered in Sage Green, Solar Red and Polaris Pursuit Camo, with a Bronze Mist EPS two-seat version and Sunset Red EPS four-seat version. The Ranger EV will be available in Avalanche Gray and Polaris Pursuit Camo.

Polaris will offer three power options in the Ranger XP platform for 2015, which include an upgraded 68-horsepowr Ranger XP 900 ($13,399), a new Ranger 570 Full-Size model ($11,299), and the Ranger Diesel ($13,799), which now features a Kohler Diesel Engine. The Full-Size Ranger Crew platform also will get 570 engine ($10,799) and Diesel ($14,999) option.

Polaris also announced that all full-size Ranger vehicles will receive new intake openings to improve airflow for the engine and clutch air intake systems.

The Ranger XP 900 will be available in Sage Green, Solar Red and Polaris Pursuit Camo. The Ranger XP 900 EPS models include Sage Green, Solar Red, Sunset Red, Super Steel Gray, White Lightning, Black Pearl, Hunter, Vogue Silver Deluxe, NorthStar Deluxe Edition and Hunter Deluxe Edition. The Ranger 570 Full-Size is available in Sage Green, Solar Red and Polaris Pursuit Camo with an EPS model offered in Turbo Silver. The Ranger Diesel is offered in Sage Green. The Ranger 6x6 ($12,599) will continue to be offered as a 2014 model in Sage Green and Avalanche Gray. The 2014 Ranger Diesel HST ($15,199) and Deluxe HST ($20,999) also will be offered in Sage Green.

Similar to the full-size Rangers, the full-size multi-passenger Ranger Crew will also get three power options. Including the addition to the 60 hp Ranger Crew 900 with seating for five, Polaris will offer the 40 horsepower Ranger Crew 570 Full-Size with seating for six, and the six-seat Ranger Crew Diesel. Polaris is also introducing three new Deluxe Package Ranger XP 900 EPS models: the Ranger XP 900 EPS Vogue Silver Deluxe ($16,999) for the trail, Ranger XP 900 EPS Hunter Deluxe Edition ($20,799) for hunting and Ranger XP 900 EPS NorthStar Deluxe Edition ($21,299) for cold weather and work.

Polaris Sportsman Lineup
For 2015, Polaris will add six new vehicles to the Sportsman line as well as update its other offerings.

The Premium Line will get new models in the Sportsman XP 1000 ($11,999) and Sportsman Touring XP 1000 ($13,299), with both vehicles being powered by the same ProStar single overhead cam 1000 Twin engine that produces 88 horsepower. Other features on the new models include a new All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, standard EPS and Polaris’ Engine Braking System (EBS) with Active Descent Control (ADC).

2015 Sportsman XP 1000

The Sportsman Touring XP 1000 features an improved driver and passenger seat with more contour and bolstering for added comfort. Both units offers 1,500 lbs. of towing capacity and massive rack capacity for storage with 120 pounds available up front and 240 pounds at the rear. Other standard features include a Polaris HD 2500-pound winch, new plow accessory integration and new headlight pod with improved visibility to instrumentation.

Polaris added two new models to its 500-class vehicle in 2015, including the Sportsman 570 SP ($8,499) and Sportsman Touring 570 SP ($9,299). The vehicles’ double A-arm front suspension has optimized geometry for the standard EPS and feature 8.25 inches of travel. Other features include On-Demand, True AWD, EBS with ADC, 660W of electrical output, new headlight pod, winch and plow integration, automotive paint and cast aluminum 14-inch rims with 26-inch Maxxis tires.

2015 Sportsman 570 SP

The Sportsman 570 SP will be available in Sunset Red, Titanium Matte Metallic and a fully-loaded Hunter Edition ($9,299), and the Sportsman Touring 570 SP in Sunset Red and Blue Fire. Rounding out the Premium ATV line will be the Sportsman 850 SP ($9,999) featuring EPS, Close-Ratio, On-Demand, True AWD and the new headlight pod, in Sunset Red or Titanium Matte Metallic, and Scrambler XP 1000 with EPS in White Lightning.

Joining the Value 2-Up 500 class is the new Sportsman X2 570 ($9,699), which features the same chassis as the Sportsman Touring 570 EPS only with a 400-pound dump box that seconds as a passenger seat and flips up in seconds. The unit also features EPS to reduce rider fatigue and enable riders to work harder, longer.

The Sportsman X2 570 will be available in Sage Green and Indy Red. Also available in the 2-Up Value Line will be the Sportsman Touring 570 ($7,699) in Sage Green and the Sportsman Touring 570 EPS ($8,599) in Bright White.

Also new to the Value Line for 2015 is the Sportsman ETX ($5,899), which sports the Sportsman 570 chassis but with a smaller and lower profile. At the heart of the Sportsman ETX is a 30 horsepower, Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) ProStar engine featuring an internal counter-balance shaft. The unit also features integrated winch and plow mounts. The Sportsman ETX will be available in Sage Green and Blue Fire.

Sportsman ACE
Earlier this year, Polaris introduced the Sportsman ACE ($7,499), which features a sit-in chassis that blends the styling of both an ATV and a one-seat UTV.

The Sportsman ACE debuted with the 32 horsepower ProStar Electronic Fuel Injected engine – the one now found in all the new ETX models. Polaris is now offering a second model in the line, the Sportsman ACE 570 ($8,499), which features a more powerful 45-horsepower ProStar 570 engine. The Sportsman ACE 570 will be available in White Lightning and Voodoo Blue.

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