This is the information on my 83 Jeep Wagoneer, which is a daily driver and six person family hauler. I purchased the veh. a little over two years ago for 1700.00.

So far with the add ons the total comes out to approx.3200.00.

I'll have done all the work myself, except the dual exhaust. The veh. has power everthing and approx. 126,000 miles on the od.

Here goes the list:





Well that's about everthing. I'll add more to the veh. when money comes my way. I have plans on going to Moab, Ut. this year to try their trails. I really enjoy the FSJ, this is my second in the last 10 year,.

I have good access to part veh. in the local salvage, most of the time I will buy used before buying new. I've included some pics. of my veh. a four wheeling area about 5 min. from my home. I enjoy your net page, keep up the good work.

Wallace Rees